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Jon Parker

Jon Parker

Founder, Bodyshop Revolution

Welcome to the Bodyshop Revolution


Bodyshop Revolution delivers a method of thinking and theories, to create a process which enables you to run your business far beyond what you thought was possible in terms of throughput, performance, staff morale and excellence.

Carried out correctly, Bodyshop Revolution will deliver the following:

  • Vehicle throughput increases of between 25% and 50%
  • A continuous workflow model which will reduce cycle time by about half
  • A significant reduction in production stoppages (murphys)
  • A happier, wealthier team, focused upon the same things as you
  • Significant reduction in chaos and meaningless noise
  • Predictability in scheduling, workflow and delivery of vehicles
  • A reduction of energy, repair footprint and management input
  • The knowledge to replicate and achieve sustainable success and growth

Of course this all seems a little far-fetched because the sceptical part of you will probably dismiss these claims – but we understand that. However, taught to think completely differently, given the right tools and mentoring along the way, we have proven that all of the above is quite possible, if you’re willing to open your mind to a new way of thinking.

The underpinning theories behind Bodyshop Revolution can at first seem a little daunting to newcomers because we use Systems Thinking, Theory of Constraints and Behavioural Science methodologies to achieve the result. However, the holistic outcome that is Bodyshop Revolution is robust, elegant and simple, which above all performs better than any other system we have yet encountered.

Unfortunately, we can’t just switch on Bodyshop Revolution for you. You and your whole team, at different levels have to fully understand the reasons why we do the things that we do, and only then will it become obvious that you’ve been repairing cars sub-optimally for years. We need to teach you to think differently, to understand the ramifications of your actions within your business, and the effects that has on workflow, morale, energy consumption, noise, chaos, cost… we could go on.


So how do we do that?

Understanding the ‘system’ which you work within is critical to understanding how to improve it. Only once you understand the dynamics of your system and the way in which people, technology, processes, and management style all interreact with each other at a holistic level can you accelerate your business to where you want it to be.

To do that, we need to teach you, and your team. We need to deconstruct the myths and beliefs you’ve developed over the years as to what increases the throughput and profitability of your business, and to prove and show you how different thinking and actions will create a happier, faster, more predictable place in which to work.

We need to help you see that the business (the system) that you have created is actually the real problem – not the people that come to work for you, nor your suppliers, nor your insurer customers… just the system. We show, and help you to dynamically change your system. It’s that paradigm shift in the way in which you think about, and conduct your business that creates these significant changes in performance – human performance, business performance and your own performance.

Of course, it’s not all about the theory, it’s about putting that thinking and new knowledge into practice – practical solutions that are relatively simple to carry out and easy to understand. That’s why we help you to implement Bodyshop Revolution within your business in a practical manner, by mentoring, training and educating all of the necessary people.

We’re often asked if Bodyshop Revolution is about technology and robots, but nothing could be further from the truth. We will always point out where technology could help optimise a process, in a holistic manner, especially in the achievement of continuous workflow methodologies, but nothing is mandatory.

If you’d like to book me to attend a free, half-day introduction to Bodyshop Revolution, the either give me a call directly on +44 (0)7968 107764, or email jon@mach7.co.uk 




Dry Logic : A New Revolution

Dry Logic is a powerful and portable gas catalytic drying device designed and built in the UK by the Bodyshop Revolution team. Priced at a fraction of the cost of comparable systems, Dry Logic allows you to dry fillers and primers in the workshop in minutes – and then sand immediately.

Cycle times drop dramatically, your booth capacity increases by removing the primer work from it, and techs complete repairs from start to finish in the fastest possible time, without ever stopping or having to move around the shop.


Reduce your energy bills by up to 70% and dry paint in minutes with our unique gas catalytic drying technology.


By understanding flow and applying Theory of Constraints thinking we achieve 30% – 60% more output from the same resource than a traditional repair organisation.


Our holistic approach to the business and process of body repair will elevate your shop into a world class operation.

How to get in touch

Click here to book a call back, we’ll be in touch as soon as we’ve got someone online in your time zone who can pick up a phone.
What do our customers say?
Dan Sjolseth

Dan Sjolseth

Owner, Superior Collision Center

Speed, without compromise.
Darrell Amberson

Darrell Amberson

President of Operations, La Mettrys

A new way of approaching vehicle repair that drives success across the business.
What it’s possible to achieve
Bodyshop Revolution shops consistently top performance tables wherever and however they are evaluated.  Cycle time is a third of what it is elsewhere, energy bills are slashed, and overall efficiency, as measured by the amount of time each vehicle is worked on in any given time period is world class.
  • Key to Key Cycle Time
  • Energy Costs
  • Touch Time