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Jon Parker

Jon Parker

CEO, Bodyshop Revolution

Welcome to the Bodyshop Revolution

Bodyshop Revolution is a combination of cutting edge technology and an innovative production management system. The complete system offers the highest revenue per square foot it’s possible to achieve in Body Repair, and our customers around the world lead the way in setting new standards for quality, speed and cost effectiveness.

Our repair methodology is based on the principle of continuous workflow. The whole time a vehicle is in the shop, it’s being worked on by one or more technicians. That’s the fastest and most efficient way to repair any vehicle, in the smallest possible space, and that’s why our customers invoice 30% to 60% more work every single week than their competitors.

Continuous workflow has only become possible in the last few years thanks to the introduction of Gas Catalytic Drying into the vehicle repair market. This incredibly powerful tool allows you to dry almost any product in minutes, saving time and slashing costs.

Thanks for visiting our website, and please do get in touch with me or one of my team if you’d like to learn more.

Dry Logic : A New Revolution

Dry Logic is a powerful and portable gas catalytic drying device designed and built in the UK by the Bodyshop Revolution team. Priced at a fraction of the cost of comparable systems, Dry Logic allows you to dry fillers and primers in the workshop in minutes – and then sand immediately.

Cycle times drop dramatically, your booth capacity increases by removing the primer work from it, and techs complete repairs from start to finish in the fastest possible time, without ever stopping or having to move around the shop.


Reduce your energy bills by up to 70% and dry paint in minutes with our unique gas catalytic drying technology.



By understanding flow and applying Theory of Constraints thinking we achieve 30% – 60% more output from the same resource than a traditional repair organisation.


Our holistic approach to the business and process of body repair will elevate your shop into a world class operation.

How to get in touch

Click here to book a call back, we’ll be in touch as soon as we’ve got someone online in your time zone who can pick up a phone.

What do our customers say?

Dan Sjolseth

Dan Sjolseth

Owner, Superior Collision Center

Speed, without compromise.

Darrell Amberson

Darrell Amberson

President of Operations, La Mettrys

A new way of approaching vehicle repair that drives success across the business.

What it’s possible to achieve

Bodyshop Revolution shops consistently top performance tables wherever and however they are evaluated.  Cycle time is a third of what it is elsewhere, energy bills are slashed, and overall efficiency, as measured by the amount of time each vehicle is worked on in any given time period is world class.

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