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About Us

We are a globally distributed team who are driven to succeed


We have experience at every level and in many different markets around the world

Forward Thinking

A unique and completely different way of thinking about your business


Nothing we do is in isolation, Systems Thinking and process go hand in hand

People Centric

Our shops operate with a ‘bottom up’ approach putting peole first

Our Story


Bodyshop Revolution was created by Jon Parker in 2011, when he set out to create a new methodology for repairing accident damaged vehicles.  Jon and his team started again from first principles, taking nothing for granted and absolutely rejecting the attitude of “that’s how it’s always been done”.  Jon travelled the world, seeking out best practices from ours and other industries, and was soon ready to put his theories into practice.

In 2012, Jon and the team built a bodyshop to run the complete process in Telford, UK – called Bodyshop Express.  This shop acted as our testing and development center, and also as a commercial repair facility.  Once the R&D phase was complete, the business was sold as a going concern to one of our existing customers, and the focus moved to teaching open-minded bodyshops to do the same thing.

We appointed our first distributors in the Middle East in 2013, and swiftly became the centerpiece process provider for several world leading new-build facilities for some of the largest organisations in the marketplace, and largest bodyshops in the world.

2015 saw Bodyshop Revolution launch in the United States, and the reception to our paradigm shifting thinking and processes has been overwhelming.   One of the first shops in America was built in conjunction with a US investor, which became Body Shop Express in San Diego, California.  This shop still operates as a successful repair facility and also national demonstration center.

Bodyshop Revolution is the future for high quality, fast turnaround car repair – a fact acknowledged by an increasing number of repairers, insurers and industry professionals.

Bodyshop Express Ltd

Telford, UK

Body Shop Express Inc.

San Diego, CA