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Greentech E8

Gas catalytic drying for trucks, RV’s and larger commercial vehicles

Foremost in the mind of any forward thinking commercial vehicle repairer is the rising cost of energy – it takes a lot of power to heat a booth of the size used in most businesses.  The Greentech E8 solves this problem by simply removing all the hot air from the equation.  

Gas Catalytic Drying technology uses direct infrared heat rather than hot air to dry any type of product, including solvent based single pack paints, in a fraction of the time.  What’s more, the running costs of a Greentech E8 are in the region of 90% less than a traditional commercial spraybooth / oven.

The Greentech E8 is available in a variety of configurations and can be retrofitted into existing commercial booths or supplied in combination with a new booth and fully integrated systems.

Approvals in North America


The Greentech E8 is currently only sold outside of the United States and Canada.  This doesn’t mean it’s not possible to install one, simply that the work has not yet been done to put this product through the full ETL approval process, as with the other items in the range.