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Greentech E3

Unique displaced parts booth for continuous spraying and drying

Whilst the Greentech E5 and Greentech E6 are both perfectly capable of drying any sort of displaced part when placed on a panel stand, many repairers find that having a little additional drying capacity is of huge benefit, especially in a large scale operation.

The Greentech E3 is the product name we use for a wide range of different configurations of small drying ovens, built to order in any size, with an optional downdraft extracted spray area included.  What they all have in common is the that they rely on powerful gas catalytic drying panels inside the oven, using direct radiant heat rather than hot air to dry the product.

That means, as with the other equipment in the range, that you’ll always be assured of the fastest possible drying time at the lowest possible cost.

The booth features doors between the spray area and drying booth, as well as doors at the rear, so that drying can continue and be removed, even while spraying occurs.

This product is not yet ETL certified, therefore is not currently available in North America.