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Dry Logic

Available in limited numbers from early 2019

You’re probably wondering why we have a piece of gas catalytic drying technology on our website, when we’re predominantly about process implementation.  Well, in order to achieve what we call ‘continuous workflow’ you really need something that will dry primers and fillers in 1-2 minutes, so that work can be…continuous.  In addition, this equipment is built by us, here in the UK, so no more highly expensive flaky foreign stuff!

Dry Logic is a truly mobile tool and can be moved easily around all areas of the workshop. Its robust, stainless steel construction, worthy of any F1 one pit garage, is built to withstand the environment in which it operates. The unit plugs into a 240v mains supply on a 8m lead, and runs off a single 13kg propane gas bottle, which gives approximately 60 hours of continuous use before refilling. The powerful gas catalytic drying panel will spin, swivel and move in any direction, in portrait or landscape mode – and is not constrained by tracks or costly overhead rails.

Our unique design creates a true technicians workstation, with attachment points for filler and primer dispensers, a handy job card holder, worksurface, and storage drawer. Running in either landscape or portrait, the gas catalytic panel will dry areas up to 2.4m2 (26 sq/ft), and can be adjusted between 15cm and 1.8m (6” – 5’ 10”) from the ground. The Dry Logic can be moved during, or in between cure cycles (treatments), which are microprocessor controlled to guarantee substrate temperature. Our extensive testing has confirmed that this technology will dry any filler, primer, basecoat or clearcoat perfectly – at a fraction of the cost and time required by other methods.

The biggest payback from the Dry Logic is taking your primer work out of the booth – our studies show that we can remove 80% of primer work from the booth, typically enabling the booth to process about 40% more topcoat work and dramatically increasing the overall throughput of your business. We use a long established and proven roll-priming process – which is only possible with the power of gas catalytic drying – to achieve high build and superb finish with no substrate sinkage or die-back.

This technology aligns perfectly with Smart booths such as the STL Tempo and the Bodyshop Revolution Production Logic process to achieve the fastest possible repair cycles anywhere in the world.

  • Enables the fastest possible repairs and paintwork. Full stop!
  • Filler dried in 1-2 minutes
  • High build primer coats flashed off in 1 minute
  • Primer bake (after final coat application) in 2-3 minutes
  • Basecoats dried in 1-2 minutes
  • Clear-coats completely cured in 2-3 minutes
  • All products immediately sandable & polishable once cooled down to 35°C
  • Continuous workflow… enabled


  • Fully mobile gas catalytic drying
  • Requires no installation
  • Easy to use, basic user interface


  • Dries up to 2.5m2 of repair area in one treatment
  • Rapid start-up – the fastest on the market
  • Filler and primer can be applied and fully dried in a few minutes


  • Releases enormous capacity from spraybooth
  • Enables continuous workflow & reduces bottlenecks
  • Reduces cycle and significantly increases profit
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