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Flow Logic
Flow Logic is an optional software product that manages how vehicles are repaired within a Bodyshop Revolution shop. It does not replace your estimating system or bodyshop administration / management system, instead it does the one thing most important to any business – manage the production process.

Scheduling work inside a traditional bodyshop is an exercise in futility.  With any number of delays throughout the production process and transitions between multiple departments It’s almost impossible to predict where a vehicle will be at any given time or how long it will take to repair in advance.  With continuous workflow, that all becomes possible.

Using a drum-buffer-rope methodology, we pull work through the shop based on the requirements of the constraint, rather than pushing in as much as possible at the top and hoping it comes out the other end eventually.   We match the exact skills required for each repair with the technicians who have the experience and qualifications to perform the repair, ensuring safety and reducing the opportunity for error.

Users access the system using low cost Android tablets, or from desktop computers via a web interface.  Both completely simple to use and also powerful and flexible in customisation, Flow Logic is an essential tool for the modern body repairer.

The new version of Flow Logic is currently in active development, and is scheduled to be implemented for pre-order customers in 2019.  For that reason, we have suspended development on the previous version and are currently only accepting a limited number of customers into the pre-order / beta test programme for the new version.