Robotic drying technology that doubles your throughput

Bodyshop Revolution has always used the latest technology, and as of 2013, we have changed the supplier of gas catalytic drying technology for our new projects from Symach to Greentech.

As you'd expect we've thoroughly evaluated and tested the Greentech equpiment and found that the ease of use, effectiveness, reliability and cost benefits of the range are an excellent fit for Bodyshop Revolution businesses.

Using the Greentech E6, a bodyshop can dry 10-12 vehicles in a single 8 hour day using one booth. Typically, most repairers paint 4-6 vehicles per day using traditional drying methods with a bake cycle of 30-40 minutes. Greentech robots reduce this time to less than 10 minutes – in fact, the thermomolecular technology cures paint in less than 1 minute!

Contact us now to see a demonstration of this amazing technology in action.