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Greentech E1

Low-cost portable drying in 1-2 minutes

The core of all Greentech equipment is the gas catalytic drying panel, and nowhere is this more obvious than in the Greentech E1 – simply a catalytic panel in handheld form.

The Greentech E1 is used to dry small repair areas, around the size of an A3 or 2 x Letter sized sheets of paper, and also to support the larger robotic equipment – for example the occasional repair in a hard-to-reach area.  It’s powered by a small, low cost, screw-fit propane cylinder, available from any outdoor goods store, and sits on a base unit for electrical preheating before the gas is introduced.

The unit is mainly used for filler and primer, although it’s also perfectly capable of drying basecoat and clearcoat should the need arise.  It’s also supplied with an infrared temperature gun and access to an online training course including text, image and video based instruction all free of charge.

What’s Included?

The Greentech E1 consists of a hand lamp and a base unit.  The base unit is connected to a wall power outlet, this is used to electrically pre-heat the gas catalytic panel before introducing the gas.  We also supply an infra red temperature gun, so that your techs will always achieve perfect results by measuring the temperature of the product, not guessing.