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How to Dry Paint

There are only three ways to transfer heat energy – through convection, conduction or radiant heat.  In the bodyshop context, convection is achieved through heating the air inside a traditional booth, which in turn heats up the paint layer.  Conduction would be achieved by heating up the metal panel that the paint is applied onto, which dries it from the inside out.

This is often seen with infrared drying technology that is powered by electricity rather than gas, which emits a broader set of wavelengths, and therefore relies just as much on conduction as radiant heat to dry the topcoat.

Gas Catalytic drying produces radiant heat at very specific wavelengths, putting the majority of the energy produced directly where it needs to go – as opposed to indirectly, by heating the air above or the panel underneath.  It’s therefore massively quicker, more efficient and has significantly less energy cost.