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How to Operate the E7

To program the E7, the repair technician uses the built-in joystick control to position the robot next to the vehicle, slightly offset from the start point of the repair.  Next, the technician moves the robot to the end point of the repair.  Once the robot learns these two points, it heats to the correct operating temperature for the application required, whilst the technician applies the first coat of filler or primer.  The E7 will then move automatically from the start point to the end point across the complete repair, using its built in sensors to maintain the ideal position throughout, even when the vehicle side is curved or parked at an angle.  

As soon as the robot has completed its movement, the technician uses a compressed airline to bring the filler or primer back to ambient temperature, and can then apply another coat or block back / DA the product immediately, to a fine dust, as the product is 100% cross linked with no further waiting time required.