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About Us

We’re focussed on delivering super-fast, profitable bodyshops

Who we are, and what we can do for you…

Jon Parker

Jon Parker


Having spent his life in the automotive sector, Jon is the founder and CEO of Bodyshop Revolution.
Helen Parker

Helen Parker


With a background in accountancy, Helen oversees the business finances as CFO and Company Secretary.

We’re a small team, but that’s our advantage… and yours. When you’re ready to implement Bodyshop Revolution, you’ll get Jon, the founder of the principles behind the success. The theory behind the process is somewhat mind-bending at first, and having Jon to teach you not only the thinking, but the practical implications of applying the methods for yourself is vital to the success of Bodyshop Revolution. 

When you embark on your Bodyshop Revolution journey, you and your whole team (at different levels) will be taught all of the thinking, the theory, the practical implementation, the pitfalls and successful outcomes you will achieve when you open your mind to what’s possible. You’ll have all of the ‘tools’ at your disposal, and with the help, guidance and mentoring Jon will give to your team, you’ll be able to fly by yourself.

Don’t forget to book your free half-day introduction at your own bodyshop on +44 (0)7968 107764, or email jon@mach7.co.uk