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Greentech E5

Robot for drying up to 4 vehicles in semi-enclosed prep-deck area

It’s become common in recent years to see multi-bay preparation areas or CTOF booths installed in repair facilities, largely driven by a desire to reduce the amount of primer work done inside the main booth. Bodyshop Revolution repairers undertake the majority of primer work in the main repair stall using the Greentech E7 but some work will always need more extensive spray priming, and a prep deck can be a useful facility.    

The Greentech E5 looks very similar to the Greentech E6, in that it’s constructed in a parabolic arch and moves forward and back along the length of a vehicle.  The difference between the two is that the E5 can also move side to side between multiple repair stalls that are separated by a roll up curtain between each bay.   

Like the rest of the product range, the E5 can be retrofitted into most existing prep decks including the installation of the curtains, which are powered and controlled by the robot itself as it moves.  We can also supply a combination prepdeck and Greentech E5 custom built and fully system integrated for new build projects.