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It is entirely possible to purchase items of equipment such as Gas Catalytic Drying technology and nothing else.  We never mandate any form of production system, paint system or paint booth in order to buy our equipment.  Many of our customers are achieving incredible results using gas catalytic drying and brilliantly integrating it into their own production management systems.

Some customers, however, want to go one step further.  Bodyshop Revolution offers a number of solutions that are not just about the technology, but about what it becomes possible to achieve once you our technology in place.

Production Logic is our blueprint for vehicle repair in the 21st Century.  It requires the use of gas catalytic drying equipment, but otherwise does not mandate any particular technology, supplier or paint.  We have implemented Bodyshop Revolution in small and large businesses around the globe, and we are confident that we can deliver the highest possible revenue per square foot in body repair.

Flow Logic is an optional software product that manages how vehicles are repaired within a Bodyshop Revolution shop.  It does not replace your estimating system or bodyshop administration / management system, instead it does the one thing most important to any business – manage the production process.