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Production Logic

Production Logic is the name we use to describe the implementation of the Bodyshop Revolution way of repairing vehicles.  It is a holistic production management system that touches every aspect of the business, and produces a world class repair facility from day one, not a never ending journey towards marginal improvements.

At the heart of the Bodyshop Revolution approach to vehicle repair are three key concepts, each being mutually dependent : continuous workflow, multiskilling, and quality.  

Firstly, continuous workflow.  Quite simply, that means once you start work a vehicle, you work on it continuously until you send it back out the door for invoicing.  Of course, that’s far easier said than done – there’s a lot of work needed to eliminate all the things that can stop production on a vehicle once it’s started, but we think we have all those things grouped into five categories and our Standard Operating Procedures manual contains the strategies we use for removing the causes of each.

Secondly, we extend the skillsets of our existing body repair techs.  Our technicians are taught how to apply primer within their own workbay, using specially sourced foam rollers and advanced robotic technology.   We also teach them how to do basic edge masking, and in some cases we even teach them how to buff / polish a job after paint.  With that very basic training complete, it becomes possible for one technician to do, by himself, all the work required on a vehicle, except for applying the topcoat.  We’ve never yet had a problem teaching a metal tech how to roll prime, but we’ve met a few who definitely can’t paint!  Specialist skills are of course still required, and jobs that require those skills are assigned to the techs with the best ability to do them – those techs are simply asked to do the whole repair, not just the specialist elements.  

Thirdly, and most importantly, we treat body repair as a science, not an art.  Our techs are given everything they need to perform professional, safe, and manufacturer approved repairs.  As business owners, we have a duty to our local community to ensure that our customers drive away in a vehicle that is just as safe as it was before it came into your shop.  Our estimators are trained to an extremely high level, using our experience with the UK’s Vehicle Damage Assessor scheme, and our Standard Operating Procedures are written with the safety as the primary concern, above any other consideration.

When you combine all three together, you have a strategy for repairing vehicles that achieves 30 to 60% more throughput than a traditional system, whilst producing identical or better quality repairs.  That means that every week, your business will invoice 30-60% more, from the same staff and in the same building, without sacrificing quality or cutting costs.

Looking at it another way, if you’re building a new shop, you can budget for a smaller footprint and a lower wage bill but still repair more vehicles each week than your competition.

That’s why we are proud to say that Bodyshop Revolution customers operate faster, cheaper, and better than anyone else, and we invite you to find out how you can join them.

Faster, Cheaper, Better


A system of repair that ensures a vehicle is constantly progressing towards completion is the fastest possible way to work.


A system of repair that ensures a vehicle only requires the resources of a single workbay and a single technician except for topcoat is the cheapest possible way to work.


A system of repair that puts technicians in a calm, fully equipped, and well lit environment, with all the resources they need to hand, and that focuses from top to bottom on the safety and quality of the repair is the best way to work.