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Benches & Lifts

Whilst Bodyshop Revolution businesses operate very successfully with a huge range of different pulling, measuring and lifting systems, the vast majority of new build projects around the world designed in conjunction with Bodyshop Revolution have opted for FI.TIM benches and lifts due to their reliability, cost effectiveness and design. The ability to share one or more 10-tonne pulling arms across any number of installed benches means this is a hugely cost effective solution for the average insurance-repair focused bodyshop, even more so thanks to Bodyshop Revolution’s ability to supply and install the FI.TIM equipment in most parts of the world as part of an overall project.

In a Bodyshop Revolution repair environment, the objective is to provide each technician with everything he or she needs to perform a complete repair without moving the vehicle out of their workbay. This starts with being able to lift the vehicle to an appropriate working height, and is furthered by giving each technician the ability to secure the vehicle for measurement and if required, dent pulling, all within the bay. Specialized bushings and clamps are available for almost all makes and models, and like the pulling arm, can be shared across all technicians.

The FI.TIM range is available in many different configurations depending on requirement, and we recommend a full consultation from a Bodyshop Revolution specialist.