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Greentech E6

The retrofitted spraybooth gas catalytic robot

The Greentech E6 moves back and forth along the length of a spraybooth, drying in both directions using its 12 powerful gas catalytic panels. The panels are arranged in three zones – left, right and overhead – that can be individually activated depending on the repair.  A pause function holds the parabolic arch for a few minutes longer over the front or rear of the vehicle when required, ensuring complete drying of the whole vehicle without needing to rotate any of the panels. The robot can dry almost any part of a vehicle or displaced parts with the spraybooth.

Repairers can paint and dry up to 12 vehicles every day from every single booth equipped with a Greentech E6 robot, with a typical average booth cycle of just 45 minutes per vehicle.

Due to the unique way that Gas Catalytic technology radiates infrared energy directly into any paint product (as opposed to indirectly heating all the surrounding air to dry the paint), we see on average a 70% reduction in energy costs.  In some cases, shops can lease the equipment and use the savings from the gas bills to pay the full lease, delivering a zero cost total solution, whilst typically doubling booth throughput.

The Greentech E6 can in almost all cases be retrofitted into an existing spraybooth or oven.  It can of course also be installed alongside a new booth and we work with many booth manufacturers to integrate booth and robot control systems and support the robot’s drive rails directly within the booth construction, rather than using retrofitted internal or external supports.

The Greentech E6 is available for purchase as a standalone product, or as part of an overall Bodyshop Revolution package for the ultimate in modern vehicle repair.