Symach Robodry

The Symach Robodry robot is designed to at least double the throughput through your spraybooths. Not only that, but whilst doing so it will use 75% less energy, typically saving £1,000 per month per installed robot.

Using the patented Drytronic drying technology, the Robodry can cure paint so that it is 100% cross-linked, in just 53 seconds!

  • Double throughput from each spraybooth
  • Cut your energy costs by 75%
  • Provides continuous workflow, which reduces work in progress
  • Create greater business throughput at a lower cost per repair
  • Reduce the number of courtesy vehicles in your fleet
  • Significantly reduce your key-to-key times
  • Dry all types of paint products in just 53 seconds!
  • Typically double your bodyshop’s profitability

If you’re looking for a quick throughput production solution, and want to get into the ultra-fast Symach technology, there is no better place to start than with the Robodry - the ultimate Symach robot.

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