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Gas Catalytic Drying

Bodyshop Equipment


Bodyshop Revolution is a solution that is both equipment and process based, but it can be something as simple as a one-off purchase of a gas catalytic hand lamp.  It could also be the full planning, design, implementation and delivery of a new site, fully equipped with the best technology from around the world.

Occasionally we hear that people think that they must purchase our robotic equipment and our process solutions together, this however is not the case. If you have a specific bottleneck within a booth or out in the workshop, then our gas catalytic robots may just be the only thing you require, allowing you to still continue with the process you have already developed.

Nothing is mandated in Bodyshop Revolution – we won’t ever tell you what specific brand of equipment, paint or consumables to use in your business.  Provided that you can achieve the right results, we’ll work with you, and your OE partners, to install anything, anywhere.

We can, however, supply almost everything you need to fully equip a world class body repair operation as a single source supplier, with a dedicated project manager.