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Gas Catalytic Drying

Ever since the first Model Ts rolled off the production line in the early 1900s, there’s been a need for bodyshops to repair and repaint cars.  But whilst a Model T is practically unrecognisable next to a modern Ford like the F150, the way that those vehicles would be repainted hasn’t really changed all that much in the last hundred years.

Until Now.  The introduction of gas catalytic drying into the vehicle repair market has revolutionised the industry.  No longer is it necessary to heat hundreds of cubic feet of air, simply to dry a layer of paint a few thousandths of an inch thick.  The end result is a system that dries product on cars faster, better and cheaper.

Gas Catalytic technology works by breaking apart hydrocarbon molecules, not by burning gas, but by passing it through a preheated membrane containing a proprietary catalytic medium. The resulting chemical reaction turns gas (usually Methane or Propane) into carbon dioxide and water vapour and at the same time generates large amounts of infrared energy within very specific wavelengths.  Those wavelengths have been tuned through many years of R&D and field testing to be in the perfect range to completely dry automotive repair products, from fillers and primers to basecoat and clearcoat – not just to the point where a vehicle is ready to come out of the booth and sit for a few hours to fully harden, but to the point of complete cross linking – ready for immediate sanding, buffing or refitting from the moment the product returns to room temperature after drying.

This technology has worked flawlessly with every product range we’ve encountered in our global operations over the last decade, the only consideration is that we will always use the slowest, most cost effective, and most stable hardeners and activators available, from the paint brand you currently use.  Changing the chemistry of a product in order to speed up drying under traditional drying conditions will always bring with it a compromise of some form in terms of the finish and durability, and compromising on quality is just not necessary when using drying technology as powerful as this.

Greentech Dryers


Bodyshop Revolution is made possible through the application of some incredible technology, primarily the unique gas catalytic drying robotics made by our partners Greentech Dryers Srl in Italy.


Greentech is owned by the Bertoli family, who have been in the collision repair industry for three generations.  Their manufacturing plant, just outside Padova in the North East of Italy, is one of just three facilities in the world that produce this type of technology for the automotive sector. Bodyshop Revolution are proud to hold exclusive distribution rights for the complete Greentech range in multiple locations around the globe, including the UK, Middle East, and the entire North American region including the US and Canada.


Bodyshop Revolution worked alongside Greentech throughout the years of research and development necessary to produce a range of gas catalytic drying robots that would not only meet the stringent approvals necessary for the US and Canada, but also be capable of being installed into existing businesses, without completely replacing all existing spraybooths and prep decks.