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Greentech E7

Versatile workshop-based Robot for rapid body filler and primer curing

The Greentech E7 is the ultimate tool for the modern body repairer.  Available in a configuration of either three or four gas catalytic panels stacked vertically, the robot itself is suspended from an overhead framework over up to six repair stalls and is used to dry filler and primer in the open workshop, in less than a minute per coat.  

Whilst the time and energy savings alone make the Greentech E7 a very attractive proposition, the greatest advantage a forward thinking repairer can obtain from the installation of this technology is the ability to achieve continuous workflow.  When a technician can apply and dry filler and primer without having to move the vehicle anywhere else and without having to wait more than a few minutes for it to dry, it becomes possible to completely rethink the way that work moves through a shop.  No longer does a technician need multiple stalls to work on several vehicles at once, multiplying work-in-progress and overall cycle times.  No longer does a vehicle need to move five times in the course of a repair, arriving at the back of a long line of stalled vehicles each time it does so.  Instead, a repair that needs 15 hours of estimated time will always be completed in 15 hours or less, and every single vehicle inside the shop can be actively worked on at any given time.  The mantra is one technician, one stall, one vehicle – by definition the fastest possible way to perform any given repair with the lowest possible overheads – and that’s every single time, repair after repair after repair.  It’s how repairing vehicles should be done, but it’s only become possible in recent times, because of the introduction of gas catalytic drying technology – and the willingness of repair business owners and managers to adopt new methods of working.

A repairer with a Greentech E7, a spraybooth equipped with a Greentech E6, and the will to implement the workflow and process changes required can invoice on average 50 standard insurance repairs every single week.  That’s from a facility that only has to be large enough to accommodate a reception / estimating area, eight repair stalls, one spraybooth, and nine productive staff (approx. 10,000 square feet).  We are completely confident that’s the highest possible revenue per square foot that it’s possible to achieve in the repair industry.  What’s more, it’s a completely replicable model, which can be dropped into any building whenever or wherever the customer requirement dictates, and will operate identically every time.